London 2

London is hands down one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. It has everything there. I really would of liked to of visited more often on weekends(with it being only 4 hour bus ride from Exeter) because there’s simply so much to do and see there-it’s huge! Got to do some fun things such as watching a musical play, going to a Football … Continue reading London 2


Spanish culture is familiar to me because I had many friends from Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona is located in east Spain right on the beach. I would love to go back sometime other than the winter months because the beach has tons of different forms of entertainment and looked/heard it was a blast. Would be a fun place to study abroad! On Fridays at the … Continue reading Barcelona


Germany had both a modern and historic feel. As most know, Germany is one of the most progressive countries in the world making it a frequently visited place among the world. It is relatively inexpensive for hotels/hostels which makes it a popular place for young adults to travel to. It has good food and good beer. My favorite part besides the food was the Berlin … Continue reading Berlin


Rome is one of the most historic cities in the world. It is a must see destination in Europe, it has been around for a couple thousand years and has architectural masterpieces covering the city. I got the chance to tour the Vatican and saw the works of artists and sculptures across the world which include people such as Michelangelo and Rafael. If you study … Continue reading Rome


Amsterdam is a captivating city with many different types of entertainment. If you are into artsy culture, this is a place for you to visit. It is a upbeat feel that has people traveling all across th city on trains, boats(on the canal), motorcycles, and lots of bikes! Bike paths are everywhere and that is a key form of transportation in Amsterdam. It was easy … Continue reading Amsterdam


My first weekend in London was definitely one to remember, I packed so much into 3 days that I feel the need to sleep for 3 days. The city is so live and eventful, it was everything and more-of what I had previously heard and expected. Though it was stressful and overwhelming at first getting around the city, the stuff you can see and do … Continue reading London